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Antonio Olivieri
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October 28, 2012

Antonio Olivieri presents a sort of tightness and sheen quality in his tracks that grade him a highly skilled and polished producer. Antonio helms a knack of finding inescapable mood and desire in this 3 track EP, ‘Rudiments’: the latest from Steyoyoke, and arguable it’s most exciting output yet.

The EP combines elements of repose and melodic tranquility with dance worthy tracks. As the title suggests rudimentary components provide the basis, in a way that distinguishes each track to its own dance floor setting.

The title track kicks off in true thumping fashion! The bassline sheds hints of acid, while the hovering synth line rounds the track into a driving dance floor killer! Enticing old school vocal cuts hang loosely over the arrangement.

The somewhat eccentric notions carried in ‘Tiny Nut’, through his trickling hi-hats and descending basslines, creates a wonderful deep house exoticism, that you may find easy to lose yourself in. Somewhere in the middle we find a jacking vocal cut bringing us from under the trees for a brief moment in time. Earthy sounds make this track warm and enticing, but don’t assume it’s not dance floor material, because it is!

Swirling synth pads and a heavy kick lead the closing track ‘Minna’: a deep expedition in to acid ridden basslines and hypnotic percussions. In the breakdown, distant Spanish vocals help create this mysterious setting.

Antonio Olivieri has provided 3 intensely satisfying tracks for Steyoyoke’s 6th release. ‘Rudiments’ is an EP rich in mood and atmosphere, and one that is likely to entice any dry dance floor!

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Rudiments (Original Mix) 7:37 Buy

    Rudiments (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Tiny Nut (Original Mix) 6:57 Buy

    Tiny Nut (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Minna (Original Mix) 7:38 Buy

    Minna (Original Mix)

Antonio Olivieri

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