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Soul Button & Sasch
Release Date
September 16, 2013

Somethings are just done better when they are done together and the same can be said about Soul Button and Sasch’s latest collaborative work ‘Unfold’. The two Steyoyoke men have come together to show just how passionate they are about producing music that is rich with feeling and emotion. Featuring two original tracks from the pair and two remixes from Antonio Olivieri and Anturage, ‘Unfold’ is belonging to those who really appreciate pure house music.

Starting things off is the heartfelt ‘Little People’, a deep and reflective track that meanders its way through gentle pad work and a lush vocal sample that echoes across a steady 4X4 beat. A rousing accapella and shooting synths collide with surprising wind chime sounds to create a beautifully delicate track to set the tone.

Russian duo Anturage make room for a more driven remix of ‘Little People’, as they implement a strong kick drum that puts power behind teasing chord lines. Still holding onto that lush vocal sample, Anturages remix finds a heavy bassline against the delicate pad work from the original to make for an engaging contrast.

Title track ‘Unfold’ is an uplifting affair that evokes warm feelings of partying to 90’s house in the sun. Brought to life by shimmering synths that race across the board and quirky samples that tease and provoke, ‘Unfold’ is a dreamy escape from reality with so much to give.

Antonio Olivieri dips his toes cautiously into this remix of title track ‘Unfold’ with a melancholic start that builds with patience. The finished piece is an eccentric and ever surprising remix with a strong dubby bassline. Feathered synth work falls like raindrops to put a final touch to this standout EP.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Little People (Original Mix) 7:30 Buy

    Little People (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Little People (Anturage Remix) 7:32 Buy

    Little People (Anturage Remix)

  3. 3 Unfold (Original Mix) 6:51 Buy

    Unfold (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Unfold (Antonio Olivieri Remix) 6:55 Buy

    Unfold (Antonio Olivieri Remix)

Track List

  1. Soul Button & Sasch - Little People (Original Mix)

  2. Soul Button & Sasch - Little People (Anturage Remix)
  3. Soul Button & Sasch - Unfold (Original Mix)

  4. Soul Button & Sasch - Unfold (Antonio Olivieri Remix)
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