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Family Affair Vol. 03
Various Artists
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 21, 2014

Steyoyoke's Family Affair Vol.03 continues its tradition and delivers a remix compilation like no other. Bringing together a collective of musically spirited minds, each artist has created their own interpretations from some of Steyoyoke's best tracks over the last 12 months.

First up Soul Button dishes out his remix of Dahu's ‘North’, which maintains the originals dark twisted elegance, however Soul Button adds a little extra percussive shine to this track. 

Track number two is Nick Devon's version of Soul Button & Sasch's ‘Unfold’. With relentless drive and energy, this remix is perfectly balanced with plenty of warm synths and uplifting chord progressions. 

Sasch takes on the next remix, which is for Dahu's ‘How Do They Know’. Sasch brings an upbeat disco tech vibe to this track, with decadent melodies and a killer drop.

Soul Button & Sasch's ‘Little People’ is remixed by Dahu and with it's upfront bass lines and dirty dark grooves, it draws you in with it's underground techno sound.

The fifth track is BLANCAh's ‘Who's That’ and it's MPathy who steps up, creating a beautifully crafted remix that has a lot of bounce and punch to it. This track is clean, crisp and totally organic in its overall sound and feel.

The last remix is from BLANCAh, offering up her version of Sasch's ‘Missing You’. With finely woven soundscapes and intricate layering, BLANCAh extracts some of the darkest elements of 'Missing You', adding a whole new dimension and depth to this track.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 North (Soul Button Remix) Dahu 7:24 Buy

    North (Soul Button Remix)

  2. 2 Unfold (Nick Devon Folded Remix) Soul Button & Sasch 6:49 Buy

    Unfold (Nick Devon Folded Remix)

  3. 3 How Do They Know (Sasch Remix) Dahu 6:40 Buy

    How Do They Know (Sasch Remix)

  4. 4 Little People (Dahu Remix) Soul Button & Sasch 7:19 Buy

    Little People (Dahu Remix)

  5. 5 Who's That (MPathy Remix) BLANCAh 7:25 Buy

    Who's That (MPathy Remix)

  6. 6 Missing You (BLANCAh Remix) Sasch 7:27 Buy

    Missing You (BLANCAh Remix)

Track List

  1. Dahu - North (Soul Button Remix)
  2. Soul Button & Sasch - Unfold (Nick Devon Folded Remix)
  3. Dahu - How Do They Know (Sasch Remix)
  4. Soul Button & Sasch - Little People (Dahu Remix)
  5. BLANCAh - Who's That (MPathy Remix)
  6. Sasch - Missing You (BLANCAh Remix)
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