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Soul Button
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December 14, 2015

Steyoyoke’s latest EP features smooth vocals by Canadian artist Terry Grant that compromises two originals by Soul Button, one piece by Soul Button and Aaryon, and a remix by Animal Picnic, coming together to make one tear-jerking EP. This ethereal techno tugs playfully at your heartstrings, with it’s moving melodies graciously complimented by beautifully contrasting dark lows and piercing highs.

‘Wraith’, a melodic masterpiece composed by Soul Button, features an array of distorted synths which give the listener a warm feeling. Terry Grant’s reassuring vocals help guide you through this musical journey, adding an essential layer of identity to this track. A dreamy track featured on this EP, the combination of Soul Button’s impeccable technical skills coupled with Terry Grant’s homely voice make for a killer combo.

Soul Button’s ‘Demise’, a suitable name for such a tragically sweet track, features dark lyrics by Terry Grant which contradict his calm voice. The sharp kick accompanied by the incredible chord progression featured in this beauty gives one the impression of haunting dream; like a lost love visiting you in your sleep. ‘Demise’ can give you chills in the centre of a sweaty dance floor.

Soul Button partners up with Aaryon and hits the nail on the head with another original titled 'Substratum'. The two composers have managed to craft a single piece that remains true to both styles. The chiming synths, mingled with the groove of the rides and shakers, emanates a dangerously delightful rhythm that could carry you into another universe!

Animal Picnic’s remix of Soul Button’s ‘Wraith’ is also featured on this EP, and the Steyoyoke regulars certainly know how to add their own spices to the dish. Accentuating their keenness for the more upbeat Steyoyoke sound, they manipulate Terry Grant’s vocals, stretching them out to create a nostalgic effect. Adding their own drums and synths that create an almost jungle-like vibe, Animal Picnic make their mark on this wild remix.

Soul Button, Terry Grant, Aaryon, and Animal Picnic have joined powers to bring you this psychologically spiritual EP packed with wistful drops and melodies. Another unforgettable treasure in the Steyoyoke archive, this EP is one for the books.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix) Soul Button 6:44 Buy

    Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Demise feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:25 Buy

    Demise feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Substratum (Original Mix) Soul Button & Aaryon 7:51 Buy

    Substratum (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Animal Picnic Remix) Soul Button 7:57 Buy

    Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Animal Picnic Remix)

Track List

  1. Soul Button - Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)
  2. Soul Button - Demise feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)
  3. Soul Button & Aaryon - Substratum (Original Mix)
  4. Soul Button - Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Animal Picnic Remix)

Soul Button

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