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Sounds In Motion
Clawz SG
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 18, 2016

Sound echoes the motions of life. As an instrument of mass proportion, it vibrates with the harmonics and resonance of both natural and manmade frequencies. With all its beauty and mystery, nature is one of life’s greatest maestro’s and Steyoyoke’s latest EP 'Sounds in Motion' touches on this very concept. Jumping on board for a solid debut release with the label, is Frenchman Clawz SG, with this inspiring four track all original EP.

‘188Db’ is the first track on ‘Sounds in Motion’ and it sets the mood for this EP nicely. Its title carries great significance, which reveals the loudest frequency from any living thing on the planet, the Blue Whale. Possessing a warm thrumming bass line, this tracks magic appears in the form of euphoric melodies and soaring key changes, which leaves you feeling uplifted and very content.

Track two is ‘Skyquake’ and its title refers to a mysterious natural phenomenon. Skyquake is an unexplained sonic boom or thunderous sound, which erupts from the sky without a cloud in sight. ‘Skyquake’ is a convergence of crunchy percussion, rolling drum layers and dreamy synths. The break down is nothing short of haunting and helps accent the tracks meandering style energy.

‘Sonic Textures’ is track three and as its title clearly reflects, it directly refers to all the elements and layers that come together to form an overall sound. ‘Sonic Textures’ starts off with the sound of rain, with sporadic bird calls, which leads into a sweeping kaleidoscope of layered strings, rich basslines and uplifting chords. This track is utterly stunning, with its contemplative spaciousness and powerful cinematic interludes.

The fourth and final track on ‘Sounds in Motion’ is ‘Flux’. Flux is Latin and simply means flow. In music terms, it relates to the movement of air that effects the frequency and travel of sound. ‘Flux’ encompasses a slightly darker vibe, with an emphasis on industrial sounding percussion and haunting riffs, which help builds intensity as the track progresses. It displays effortless flow and carries an air of poise and nonchalance.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 188Db (Original Mix) 7:36 Buy

    188Db (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Skyquake (Original Mix) 8:08 Buy

    Skyquake (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Sonic Texture (Original Mix) 8:09 Buy

    Sonic Texture (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Flux (Original Mix) 7:54 Buy

    Flux (Original Mix)

Track List

  1. Clawz SG - 188Db (Original Mix)
  2. Clawz SG - Skyquake (Original Mix)
  3. Clawz SG - Sonic Texture (Original Mix)
  4. Clawz SG - Flux (Original Mix)

Clawz SG

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