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Hard To Love
Erly Tepshi
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 20, 2017

Take a look into the lux world of prolific Italian producer Erly Tepshi with the saturated and ethereal “Hard To Love” EP. This one-of-a-kind gem combines the work of fellow talented artists such as Soul Button, Voices Of Valley and Trapped In Time to create something multidimensional that takes on a life of its own.

The first track in this dynamic collection is an original Steyoyoke rework of the deep and searching “Hard To Love”. This original version is an expression of passion and desire which soars gracefully over an echoing bassline and airy synths. The feeling of longing encapsulated in this almost surreal song is furthered by the addition of beautifully vocalized melodies.

Next, "Hard To Love" is remixed by the effortlessly epic Berlin-based producer Soul Button. His slightly abbreviated take on the song adds a heightened sense of mystery to an already intriguing track. The Soul Button edit is slightly more driving, using the vocals only sparingly and increasing the metallic and futuristic aspects of the song.

The Voices Of Valley remix delves even further into the intrepid world first tread by Erly Tepshi, calling forth a slightly darker perspective with quickening rhythms and the persistent ringing of metallic synths. The resulting feeling of mild turbulence is ultimately resolved by the last mysterious note.

Finally, Trapped In Time's unique take on "Hard To Love" converts the song into a cacophony of sounds and tones from a galaxy away. Trapped In Time uses an unexpected and stimulating soundscape which brings the listener further into a brave and beautiful landscape. It is astonishing how the use of the human voice in this scenario creates such an experiential and other-worldly atmosphere in the song.

In essence, the EP itself creates an immersive yet diverse experience for the listener. The combination of the varying viewpoints from each artist result in a strikingly cohesive and unique narrative overall.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Hard To Love (Steyoyoke Rework) 7:36 Buy

    Hard To Love (Steyoyoke Rework)

  2. 2 Hard To Love (Soul Button Remix) 6:42 Buy

    Hard To Love (Soul Button Remix)

  3. 3 Hard To Love (Voices Of Valley Remix) 6:56 Buy

    Hard To Love (Voices Of Valley Remix)

  4. 4 Hard To Love (Trapped In Time Remix) 8:30 Buy

    Hard To Love (Trapped In Time Remix)

Track List

  1. Erly Tepshi - Hard To Love (Steyoyoke Rework)
  2. Erly Tepshi - Hard To Love (Soul Button Remix)
  3. Erly Tepshi - Hard To Love (Voices Of Valley Remix)
  4. Erly Tepshi - Hard To Love (Trapped In Time Remix)
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