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Mashk & Soul Button
Inner Symphony
Catalogue Number
Release Date
August 11, 2017

Inner Symphony is proud to present Mashk’s ‘Pathos’, marking catalogue number 004. A melodic and uplifting affair, ‘Pathos’ stays true to its name, elevating the listener into a state of bliss and contemplation.

The title track ‘Pathos’ soothes with bells, claves and a warm saw bass supported by a groove laden with claps and percussion. Arpeggiators and sparkling pads weave in and out carrying the listener to a carefree place of fond reminiscence.

‘Ton Abscense’ slows the pace as a playfully schlepping groove of shakers and reverberating claps sets the stage for tinny strings, arps and ethnic keys to work their magic.

Mashk teams up with Inner Symphony head Soul Button for ‘Pensées’. Heart-wrenching soundscapes intertwine across a satisfying straight-forward groove. Delicately evolving horns and echoing keys cradle the auditory senses in a storm of emotion.

Finally, Mashk and Soul Button offer up ‘Pensées’ as an Instrumental version, enabling the delicate soundscapes of the original to fully unfold their potential.

Mashk’s ‘Pathos’ artfully invokes a deep feeling of peace and reminiscence. Delicately merging melancholia and a sense of joy and bliss, Mashk’s debut EP on Inner Symphony is one of the most emotive releases we have had the pleasure to hear.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Pathos (Original Mix) Mashk 8:43 Buy

    Pathos (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Ton Absence (Original Mix) Mashk 6:25 Buy

    Ton Absence (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Pensées (Original Mix) Mashk & Soul Button 7:35 Buy

    Pensées (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Pensées (Instrumental Version) Mashk & Soul Button 7:37 Buy

    Pensées (Instrumental Version)

Track List

  1. Mashk - Pathos (Original Mix)
  2. Mashk - Ton Absence (Original Mix)
  3. Mashk & Soul Button - Pensées (Original Mix)
  4. Mashk & Soul Button - Pensées (Instrumental Version)
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