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Steyoyoke Anniversary Vol. 09 (Deluxe)
Various Artists
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 3, 2021

As with each year’s anniversary, we produce an album to mark the occasion. This year is no different. And although there’s nothing more we want than to be able to celebrate with you on the dance floor, we hope this album provides the much needed reprieve.

The anniversary album consists of 8 tracks, divided into three parts. Part one has three groovy tracks from Grammik, Monarke and Clawz SG, while Part two goes darker with a collaboration track from Nick Devon & Monarke, and Darko Milosevic. Part three presents 3 solid gems from Soul Button, MPathy and Strinner. The release will also be available on vinyl.

As always, thank you for your continued and unwavering support. It’s what keeps us going through these tough times. We sincerely hope to be able to dance alongside each of you very soon!

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Incendiary (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:11 Buy

    Incendiary (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Obscure (Original Mix) Nick Devon & Monarke 7:56 Buy

    Obscure (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Closer (Original Mix) Monarke 7:06 Buy

    Closer (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Convolve (Original Mix) Grammik 7:40 Buy

    Convolve (Original Mix)

  5. 5 When The Masks Fall Off (Original Mix) Darko Milosevic 6:33 Buy

    When The Masks Fall Off (Original Mix)

  6. 6 Whispers (Original Mix) MPathy 7:18 Buy

    Whispers (Original Mix)

  7. 7 Falling Back (Original Mix) Strinner 7:19 Buy

    Falling Back (Original Mix)

  8. 8 Uchronia (Club Mix) Clawz SG 7:06 Buy

    Uchronia (Club Mix)

Track List

  1. Soul Button - Incendiary (Original Mix)
  2. Nick Devon & Monarke - Obscure (Original Mix)
  3. Monarke - Closer (Original Mix)
  4. Grammik - Convolve (Original Mix)
  5. Darko Milosevic - When The Masks Fall Off (Original Mix)
  6. MPathy - Whispers (Original Mix)
  7. Strinner - Falling Back (Original Mix)
  8. Clawz SG - Uchronia (Club Mix)
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