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Quintessence Vol. 04 Remix Edition
Various Artists
Inner Symphony
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 23, 2020

Following the release of “Quintessence Vol. 4”, Inner Symphony is releasing the Remix Edition; a further exploration into the themes and ideas introduced in the original version.

The release begins with a Rustboy remix of Soul Button’s “Synchronicity”, taking the melodic theme of the original and placing it into a more percussive soundscape. Tamas Skafar’s remix of “Papicha” by Mashk, follows a steady track that blends smoothly into the next song which is a remix of his own track, “Farewell Gift” done by James Marley. The fourth track, Anders.’ “Toulouse”, remixed by Soul Button, plunges immediately into a positive, high energy state. Rustboy’s own track “Fermi Paradox”, is then remixed by SEVN, who gives a more ethereal touch to the original. The release closes off with “Valhalla” by James Marley, remixed by Anders. and “Solace” by SEVN remixed by Mashk. Both remixes give to the originals a delicate feel as they evolve between uplifting and melancholy tones.

This detailed Remix Edition invites multiple listens, taking the mood from the previous release and giving an entirely different approach to the Quintessence series.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Synchronicity (Rustboy Remix) Soul Button 8:07 Buy

    Synchronicity (Rustboy Remix)

  2. 2 Papicha (Tamas Skafar Remix) Mashk 6:24 Buy

    Papicha (Tamas Skafar Remix)

  3. 3 Farewell Gift (James Marley Remix) Tamas Skafar 5:01 Buy

    Farewell Gift (James Marley Remix)

  4. 4 Toulouse (Soul Button Remix) Anders. 7:38 Buy

    Toulouse (Soul Button Remix)

  5. 5 Fermi Paradox (SEVN Remix) Rustboy 7:28 Buy

    Fermi Paradox (SEVN Remix)

  6. 6 Valhalla (Anders. Remix) James Marley 6:12 Buy

    Valhalla (Anders. Remix)

  7. 7 Solace (Mashk Remix) SEVN 8:20 Buy

    Solace (Mashk Remix)

Track List

  1. Soul Button - Synchronicity (Rustboy Remix)
  2. Mashk - Papicha (Tamas Skafar Remix)
  3. Tamas Skafar - Farewell Gift (James Marley Remix)
  4. Anders. - Toulouse (Soul Button Remix)
  5. Rustboy - Fermi Paradox (SEVN Remix)
  6. James Marley - Valhalla (Anders. Remix)
  7. SEVN - Solace (Mashk Remix)
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