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Quintessence Vol. 05
Various Artists
Inner Symphony
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 5, 2022

Break through label, Inner Symphony, is proud to announce the fifth installment of their coveted release, “Quintessence”. Featuring 8 mesmerizing and spirited original mixes, this album plays host to a primarily new wave of talented up-and- comers and a couple of the label’s heavy hitters. Nothing can prepare you for this entrancing journey.

Our Journey within journeys begins with “Crescendo” by two heavy weights, Soul Button and Rustboy. Honoring its title, this piece is a hypnotic yet rising tension groover with a classic deep house kickdrum and bass pattern. Continuing this “Quintessence” voyage, Deviu presents “Become Human”. Comprised of a driving organ-like sequence and uplifting shimmery horn lead, it is a heroic awakening of consciousness. Next, BURACK gifts us his mysterious and promising club interpretation of a sampled modern classic, “Stella”. Aamish continues the hypnotic expedition with a tense, delicate and bittersweet track entitled “Into the Woods”. Its spacious atmospheres and calming ear candy will have you believe you have landed on a life- sustaining extraterrestrial planet. Continuing on into the vast unknown, we come to Gravity Vibes’s orchestral composition, “Uniqueness”. It is a comforting and uplifting piece with lush piano and strings juxtaposed by a driving low end. Our travels continue on through Cayto’s “Rosecliff”. He continues this release’s driving bass motif and lush organic leads but does so in a more classic call and response fashion. This inquisitive track will have you longing for more. Rounding out the trip, Lucio Consolo & Agustín Buaon combine to present “Angles”. With its prominent sonar-like swells and twinkling high octave lead, it is almost as if it is mapping the stars in the heavens in an otherwise inky black sky. To conclude our passage IndianSoul gifts us “Ahte” upon our return. A tribal and cathartic piece with a large release of tension and spiritual vocal chops, this track will connect us evermore back on Earth.

With its dense atmospheres, rich orchestral leads, and planetary sequences, “Quintessence Vol. 05” turns a new leaf for melodic house and techno music. From the farthest reach of the universe to your home club, be prepared for your mind and spirit to wander and explore the magical cosmos.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Crescendo (Original Mix) Soul Button & Rustboy 6:04 Buy

    Crescendo (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Become Human (Original Mix) Deviu 6:02 Buy

    Become Human (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Stella (Original Mix) BURCAK 6:10 Buy

    Stella (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Into the Woods (Original Mix) Aamish 7:39 Buy

    Into the Woods (Original Mix)

  5. 5 Uniqueness (Original Mix) Gravity Vibes 5:47 Buy

    Uniqueness (Original Mix)

  6. 6 Angles (Original Mix) Lucio Consolo & Agustín Buaon 7:23 Buy

    Angles (Original Mix)

  7. 7 Rosecliff (Original Mix) Cayto 5:57 Buy

    Rosecliff (Original Mix)

  8. 8 Ahte (Original Mix) IndianSoul 6:03 Buy

    Ahte (Original Mix)

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