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Into Infinity
Veles (LB)
Inner Symphony
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 23, 2024

Lebanese producer Veles presents his latest EP “Into Infinity” on Inner Symphony, a stunning showcase of his talent in crafting deeply melodic soundscapes. The EP consists of two tracks, each telling its own auditory tale.

The title track, “Into Infinity”, is a journey through lush, expansive melodies that evoke a sense of endless exploration and wonder. Its intricate composition layers sounds and rhythms in a way that feels both vast and intimate, capturing the listener's imagination and transporting them to otherworldly realms. The second track, “Visions”, complements the first with its own unique flair. It delves into a more introspective space, weaving complex melodies that create a rich tapestry of sound.

Together, these tracks form a cohesive narrative, showcasing Veles' ability to traverse the spectrum of melodic techno with ease and artistry.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Into Infinity (Original Mix) 7:22 Buy

    Into Infinity (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Visions (Original Mix) 6:10 Buy

    Visions (Original Mix)

Veles (LB)

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