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Nlreb Mra Alrrih (Playing With The Wind)
Inner Symphony
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April 26, 2024

“Nlreb Mra Alrrih (Playing With The Wind)” emerges as a timeless masterpiece from the musical vault of Sahalé, released under the acclaimed Inner Symphony label. Crafted 8 years ago, this track stands as a testament to Sahalé's foresight and ingenuity in electronic music production.

Blending romantic dreams with the resonant sounds of the Bedouin and oriental vibes, the track evokes the vast, untamed essence of the desert. It is an auditory journey that captures the essence of wandering freely in the desert, with the wind as a playful companion. Through its layers of desert echoes and electronic beats, “Nlreb Mra Alrrih” offers listeners a unique escape into a realm where the elements themselves play a symphony of freedom and exploration.

This single, produced with a vision far ahead of its time, invites one to experience the joy of playing with the wind in an immersive desert environment, showcasing Sahalé's unparalleled ability to fuse nature's untamed beauty with electronic music.

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  1. 1 Nlreb Mra Alrrih (Playing With The Wind) 6:36 Buy

    Nlreb Mra Alrrih (Playing With The Wind)


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