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Animal Picnic presents Authentic Steyoyoke #007
Animal Picnic
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 11, 2016

“When we first listened a Steyoyoke track some time ago, we instantly felt in love with its unique sound. Time passed by and this sound has developed into a new genre, "Ethereal Techno”, and we are so proud to be a part of it. There are so many tracks we love from Steyoyoke, but we could only choose 9 for this special occasion. Plus you’ll find our new collaboration with our homie Aaryon called "Carthago" to open this set. We hope you enjoy this selection of Steyoyoke history and how we have mixed it. ” Animal Picnic

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Carthago (Original Mix) Animal Picnic & Aaryon 6:08 Buy

    Carthago (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix) Soul Button 6:44 Buy

    Wraith feat. Terry Grant (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Swift Minds feat. Kara Square (Whomi Remix) Soul Button 8:11 Buy

    Swift Minds feat. Kara Square (Whomi Remix)

  4. 4 Chasing Thoughts (Aaryon Remix) Soul Button & Talul 7:05 Buy

    Chasing Thoughts (Aaryon Remix)

  5. 5 Ethorica (Original Mix) Animal Picnic 7:28 Buy

    Ethorica (Original Mix)

  6. 6 Tales (Original Mix) Ran Salman 7:40 Buy

    Tales (Original Mix)

  7. 7 Vulture Dance (Original Mix) BLANCAh 7:49 Buy

    Vulture Dance (Original Mix)

  8. 8 The Moment (Soul Button Remix) Habischman 8:44 Buy

    The Moment (Soul Button Remix)

  9. 9 North (Nick Devon Remix) Dahu 6:56 Buy

    North (Nick Devon Remix)

  10. 10 Shattered (Original Mix) Dahu & MPathy 7:54 Buy

    Shattered (Original Mix)

  11. 11 Authentic Steyoyoke #007 (Continuous DJ Mix) Animal Picnic 62:57 Buy

    Authentic Steyoyoke #007 (Continuous DJ Mix)

Track List

  1. Animal Picnic & Aaryon - Carthago (Original Mix)
  2. Soul Button  - Wraith feat.Terry Grant (Original Mix)
  3. Soul Button - Swift Minds feat. Kara Square (Whomi Remix)
  4. Soul Button & Talul - Chasing Thoughts (Aaryon Remix)
  5. Animal Picnic - Ethorica (Original Mix)
  6. Ran Salman - Tales (Original Mix)
  7. BLANCAh - Vulture Dance (Original Mix)
  8. Habischman - The Moment (Soul Button Remix)
  9. Dahu - North (Nick Devon Remix)
  10. Dahu & MPathy - Shattered (Original Mix)
  11. Animal Picnic Presents Authentic Steyoyoke #007 (Continuous DJ Mix)

Animal Picnic

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