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Soul Button Chronicles
Soul Button
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 8, 2023

Introducing "Soul Button Chronicles”, the album that celebrates the extraordinary journey of the revered artist, Soul Button. Each composition is a portal to a realm where emotive melodies intertwine with pulsating rhythms, creating an immersive experience like no other. From introspective soundscapes to pulsating dancefloor anthems, "Soul Button Chronicles" captures the essence of Soul Button's artistic evolution.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Reverie (Original Mix) Soul Button 8:18 Buy

    Reverie (Original Mix)

  2. 2 Crescendo (Original Mix) Soul Button & Rustboy 6:04 Buy

    Crescendo (Original Mix)

  3. 3 Secret Sense (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:28 Buy

    Secret Sense (Original Mix)

  4. 4 Dalliance (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:55 Buy

    Dalliance (Original Mix)

  5. 5 Dissension (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:53 Buy

    Dissension (Original Mix)

  6. 6 Qabila (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:51 Buy

    Qabila (Original Mix)

  7. 7 Illumine (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:35 Buy

    Illumine (Original Mix)

  8. 8 Come To Me (Original Mix) Soul Button 6:55 Buy

    Come To Me (Original Mix)

  9. 9 Insurgence (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:55 Buy

    Insurgence (Original Mix)

  10. 10 Metamorphosis (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:25 Buy

    Metamorphosis (Original Mix)

  11. 11 Deception (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:00 Buy

    Deception (Original Mix)

  12. 12 Incendiary (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:11 Buy

    Incendiary (Original Mix)

  13. 13 Merine (Original Mix) Soul Button 7:21 Buy

    Merine (Original Mix)

  14. 14 Chime (Original Mix) Soul Button & Clawz SG 7:23 Buy

    Chime (Original Mix)

Soul Button

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